Virtual office packages and facilities


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Virtual office packages and facilities

Most virtual office services are offered in various service packages, with each package designed for varying levels of facilities, prices and service levels. For instance, some packages may offer the full suite of virtual office services including concierge service, live phone call answering, airport pickup, daily mail forwarding, call forwarding services and office spaces. On the other hand, basic packages may only include weekly mail forwarding, voice mail services with no concierge or administrative support.

These variations have been developed to cater to the different requirements of virtual office users. Larger corporations may require a wider range services as they possess a greater number of employees and also greater sales volumes, all of which lead to a larger budget requirement for office facility spending. Conversely, smaller organizations may only consist of a few employees, or even just a self-employed business owner. Naturally, a smaller operation will mean lower cost requirements for office facilities.

Basic virtual office packages will just incorporate a prestigious business address, with mail notification services, voice mailbox services, phone answering usage of office facilities and technical support. Some virtual office providers may include or exclude certain types of services depending on they way their virtual office subscription packages have been designed. Most of the time, basic services will incur affordable monthly charges particularly suited for the self-employed virtual office services subscriber.

Apart from that, certain virtual office providers have gotten creative with their virtual office subscription packages till the point that they have included variety even in bare essentials in order to cater to more customized requirements. For instance, mailbox packages would be focused on business owners who may mail receipt and forwarding as the core functionality of their needs in addition to a prestigious business address. Other business owners may regard telephone call answering as the most important functionality in a virtual office, which is why a Telephone Answering package is offered.

Of course, another important aspect in the criteria of determining the prices of virtual office packages would be the location of the physical office building (office space). This is due to the difference in standards of living between countries, cities and even alternate areas within a city. A virtual office located in a prestigious area in a city would be more expensive as compared to one located in the suburbs. Similarly, a virtual office located in London would cost more than one located in Singapore, where a virtual office address with no frills can be obtained for as low as $4 per month. A similar service in the middle of New York City can cost as high as $275 per month.

Virtual office packages with more value added services will definitely be priced higher than packages just with basic services. Essentially, these packages are provide more than just a business address, but include facilities that cater to the convenience of work-from-home or mobile employees who may require the use of a virtual office whenever they are in town. Additionally, these virtual offices also provide them with a presentable and prestigious business meeting venue right in the middle of the city center.

Apart from that, high-end virtual office packages are aimed for total subscriber convenience. With this, a full range of value added services is provided including concierge services, administrative support, and access to any chain of virtual offices around the world, call forwarding services and personalized call answering. Of course, these services will cost significantly more than basic services ranging from $200 to $400 a month.

Moreover, subscribers are also provided with other optional services such as part time private office usage limited to a maximum period in a month, dedicated phone and fax lines, web page hosting packages, web conference facilities in addition to high speed broadband internet connection lines.

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