Setting up a Virtual Office


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Setting up a Virtual Office

Upon signing up for subscription to a virtual office or an office space, a service contract will be provided for subscribers to agree on the levels of services provided. This would be a good time to clarify on the commitment levels agreed upon by the virtual office management. Once the list of services to be provided are all agreed by both parties, then subscription to the services of the virtual office can then commence.

As most office facilities are already in place within virtual offices, there should not be much preparation required by the subscriber. Basic items such as fax machines, printers, workstations and photocopiers should already be in place within virtual offices. Apart from that, some virtual offices offer administrator and concierge support services as part, parcel of their package and office space. However, personal work tools such as computer laptops or a desktop computer, or personalized applications may not be prepared by the virtual office. Only hi-speed internet connection networks are set up in most virtual offices for ease in user connection to the local area network and also the internet.

Additionally, certain virtual offices also include the leasing of data centre facilities in which subscribers can use to host their websites, applications and databases. The maintenance procedures of these servers should be outlined clearly, as well as the frequency and responsibility of data backups to be conducted on these servers. Apart from that, levels of technical support provided should also be clearly defined in a contract to ensure minimal disputes later on.

At times, some virtual office users should also require the use of virtual office software applications in order to synchronize work between the multiple users or employees in the organization. These would be items that incur expenditure on the part of the virtual office subscriber.

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