Setting up a Virtual Office or an office space


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Setting up a Virtual Office or an office space

Determining your purpose for a virtual office or an office space

The first step that you should take in setting up a virtual office is to determine your home base and the best way to do this is to evaluate the size and location of your customer base. It would be logical for you to select a virtual office location that is easy for you to contact your customers or even to meet up with them if necessary. In fact, one of the most important facilities that should be made easily available to your customers should be phone communication. It should be easy for your customers to call your company in the event of any queries, or least get through to a phone assistant who will answer the calls for you.

Apart from that, if you are expanding your business to other parts of the country, or even internationally, your selection of a virtual office or office space will depend on your target expansion location. It would be best if you identify areas with the best potential for sales development, set up a virtual office within that location, and station your local sales force to operate out of your virtual office. In fact, you can even visit your virtual office in these locations occasionally in addition to having adequate operational facilities to keep you productive throughout your visit.

Other factors affecting your decision of a good location would be the competency level and language fluency of the employees in your target location. If most of your clients communicate in the local language, you should ideally seek for a virtual office that provides phone answering services in this language. Sometimes, you may want a virtual office that provides multi-lingual support as callers of various nationalities may be calling you at that location. The same goes for your sales force deployed in your target location. You need to ensure that your employees have attained a certain level of competency in order to be productive while working at your virtual office.

There are also various other reasons for setting up a virtual office. Some organizations set up virtual offices at many cities around the world in order to project a professional image. All they need is a prestigious address, phone answering and mail forwarding service. With this, they would most likely opt for a basic virtual office package that will only include the bare essentials and nothing more.

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