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Mail & fax collection and forwarding services

One of the benefits of having a prestigious local address is to allow your customers located within the city of the country to send mail to you. Regardless whether you receive tons of mail orders or just a pile of receipts and direct mail, all postal mail received at the virtual office will be forwarded to your specified address. The frequency in which postal mail is forwarded to you pretty much depends on your virtual office subscription package. Certain virtual office subscriptions allow for daily mail forwarding to designated addresses with lower cost options for mail forwarding at a frequency of once a week.

Virtual offices usually make special price arrangements with courier companies such as FedEx, DHL and UPS due to the large volume that they can provide to these companies. With this, they are able to offer lower courier prices to their clients. In fact, most of these courier companies incorporate courier mail pickups at virtual offices. This is an advantage that enables virtual office users to conveniently send their mail and packages to other locations around the world.

Dedicated Mail Drop Services

Certain virtual offices also provide a range of mail drop services, all of which are aimed for further customization of mail handling support. One of these services would be mail box rental services provided to corporate companies. This allows companies that do not require other virtual office services, to utilize the address of the virtual office as a mailing address for their organization. They are only provided with a mail box which is used to receive mail sent to the address. Mail received will be forwarded to a physical office address located elsewhere.

Usually, dedicated mail drop services include a certain number of free re-mailing postage adequate for a minimum volume. This means that with heavier volume, re-mailing postage charges will be incurred on a per mail basis.

Virtual Mail Drop Services

This service is especially useful for companies with low mail volume receipts. They are therefore able to share a mailbox with other similar organizations utilizing the same service. The virtual office administrators sort received mail according to company name to be kept in a secured mail center till it is collected. Otherwise, if automatic mail forwarding services are part of the subscription, mail can also be forwarded at specified times to a designated address.

If preferred, mail can also be kept and forwarded only when a minimum volume is achieved. Additionally, document destruction service options are also included, where junk mail or spam mail can be destroyed automatically. Of course, these are classified based on pre-specified criteria of companies.

Anonymous E-Mail Web Services

Some virtual offices also include email forwarding services to a list of email addresses without having to reveal your identity. You can then opt to specify your own reply email address or web URL in order to receive enquiries on your bulk mail services. With this, you are able to send out large amounts of email without exposing yourself or your company identity.

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