A virtual office & office space as a disaster recovery center


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A virtual office & office space as a disaster recovery center

With the recent awareness in the occurrences of disasters in urban centers following the September 11 attack, many organizations are setting up disaster recovery centers in order to ensure business continuity during a crisis. With this, many disaster recovery centers have mushroomed, each of them providing a full range of services ranging from disaster recovery planning, risk analysis and training.

Other than just providing server room facilities for the inclusion of mirrored servers in the recovery centers, disaster recovery centers also include adequate workspace for office employees (office space) so that work can resume almost immediately after the occurrence of a disaster.

Essentially, a subscription to a disaster recovery center is like subscribing to insurance. You will never know when the next crises will occur, and therefore most companies need to be ever ready to resume business even if their office premise is no longer functional. Apart from just a physical recovery, employees too need to be prepared in case of such an emergency, which is why many disaster recovery centers provide employee trainings too.

It is a norm that disaster recovery center services are expensive and is a contingency plan usually adopted by large corporations. Smaller and younger corporations may not have the budget for such services. However, virtual offices have identified this as a business opportunity and therefore double as disaster recovery sites for smaller business setups.

Through subscription to virtual office services, business would already have the required insurance that they need in case of emergencies. Many virtual offices are fully equipped with all business facilities for business operations, with some virtual offices also providing server hosting facilities. With the call answering services and office administration support, any incoming calls to your company will be promptly answered.

Apart from that, your data backups can be uploaded into the servers located in the virtual office so that your employees and even your customers can now access information from your servers. Other than that, ample office space provided will allow your employees to continue working as they were before, as long as they follow the disaster recovery code that has been developed.

The relatively low costs incurred for subscribing to virtual office services have made them very attractive to small business owners. This is a small price to pay for being prepared in the event of disasters, and can even help to prevent further losses to the company just by subscribing to virtual office facilities. As these facilities are obtained before any disaster occurs, you will already have everything prepared for you beforehand. Just imagine trying to obtain virtual office facilities after an event. Either you’d have to pay top dollar for the service, or bear with the losses of discontinued business activity.

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