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Why would i need a virtual office in Nevada?

Nevada is geographically located in the west of the United States to the east of California and west of Utah. Perhaps the most interesting features of Nevada are the fact that this is one of the few states within the United States with no personal income tax and where prostitution is legalized. The major contributors to the economy of Nevada include diary-related agriculture, onions and potatoes. Apart from that, another major revenue source is from the gambling activities in cities such as Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno.

The largest city in Nevada is the ever famous Las Vegas, also dubbed the Sin City. With a population of over 2 million, Las Vegas is home to gambling, entertainment and tourism-related establishments. Apart from that, restaurants and hotels are found in abundance in Las Vegas mainly to cater the to other entertainment and tourism industries. The most famous and high density are in Las Vegas is the Las Vegas Strip which is packed with loads of casinos, hotels, resort and shopping areas. In fact, many of the high-rise buildings located along this strip are catered for casino or hotel usage. For instance the Wynn Las Vegas which is the second tallest building in Las Vegas after the Stratosphere houses a casino and 18 restaurants. Similarly, the New York-New York consists of replica buildings of the famous Empire State Building and Chrysler Building in New York, but consist of hotel rooms and casinos within.

With such high density of casino, hotels and entertainment related activities in Las Vegas, having a Nevada virtual office would definitely be a plus for businesses within these industries. Las Vegas would definitely be the place in Nevada for services businesses that would cater to casinos or the food and beverage industries.

The state capital of Nevada, Carson City, is located at the western border of Nevada is well-known for economies related to silver mining. Although the state capital, its population size of just over 50,000 makes it the sixth largest city in Nevada. Much of the economy of Carson City is dependent on manufacturing and retail trade. In fact, the government is encouraging economic growth of the economy here through the Economic Vitality Strategic Plan.

Other large cities within Nevada include Reno which is also known as the biggest little city in the world. Similar to Las Vegas, Reno is also renowned for the gambling industry. However, Reno has declined in popularity due to the rapidly growth of Las Vegas and the rise in Indian gambling.

Additionally, Reno is the headquarters to the manufacturer of slot machines, International Game Technology. Apart from that, the oldest university in Nevada is also located in Reno, the University of Nevada and founded in 1886.

With this, most of downtown Reno is services and businesses that are related to the gambling industry. This is why buildings like the Silver Legacy which is the tallest building in Reno is a 1720-room hotel. The second tallest building in Reno is the Hilton Reno Resort and Casino. However, there are also some commercial buildings within Reno such as the West Liberty Building, the Woolworth Building and the Wells Fargo Building. Reno would be a perfect place for a virtual office especially if you are in the gambling industry. In fact, the prestige that gambling companies receive with a virtual office in Reno would help boost their reputation, especially in areas such as the production of gambling related equipment.

Located near the southern tip of Nevada, Henderson is one of the highly populated cities in Nevada after Las Vegas and Reno. Previously a site for a rocket fuel manufacturing plant, PEPCON, until a major explosion took place, Henderson is now diversifying businesses within the city and also placing much incentives to attract investments from multinational corporations. This is why Henderson has developed many master plan industrial parks such as the Industrial Park District and the General Industrial District. Many of these industrial parks are located along the Lake Mead Parkway, which connects Henderson to other cities such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

In conclusion, having a virtual office in Nevada would be a good idea if you are in the gambling and tourism industries. Apart from that, Nevada offers very good incentives to encourage investors with the aim to develop many cities and towns in Nevada. Therefore, having a virtual office in this state would also prove beneficial in terms of enjoying the perks offered by the local government.

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