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Why would i need a virtual office in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, also known as the city of angels is located at the west coast of the United States. This second largest city in the United States has a population of 3.9 million.  Los Angeles is renowned as a center for economic, cultural and entertainment, as well as being one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States. While entertainment is Los Angeles’s most prominent industry, tourism, aerospace, petroleum and international trade are also prominent here. In fact, with excellent infrastructure to support these activities, such as the ports of Los Angeles, 5 commercial airports – more than any major city in the world as well as being the center of the Southern California Freeway. What’s more, Los Angeles also serves as the headquarters to 3 major Fortune 500 companies, as well as a string of international corporate companies.

The downtown area of Los Angeles is approximately defined by the area bordered by the Los Angeles on the eastern side, the Rosa Parks Freeway at the south, the 110 Harbor Freeway on the west and the 101 Santa Ana Freeway as the northern border. This large area of 8 square miles is also subdivided into several smaller districts within. The financial district of downtown Los Angeles is also known as Bunker Hill, and is roughly within the boundaries of the 110 Freeway, Olive Street and Eighth Street. In fact, the busiest areas would be along the Fifth, Sixth, Flower and Figueroa streets. This is where some of the most prominent high-rise buildings are located such as the US Bank Tower, the tallest building in Los Angeles, which is located at West Fifth Street. This 1018 ft building of unique architecture has been designed with 4 glass crowned setbacks with 73 stories and offers 1,430,000 sq feet of office space. Apart from that, this building has been constructed to withstand earthquakes of up to 8.3 on the Richter scale and is currently the 23rd tallest building in the world. Among the current tenants of this building are the US Bank and the Wells Fargo Bank. Thus, with its renowned reputation, this would be a perfect location for a virtual office especially for companies in the finance industry.

The AON Center standing at 858 ft., is the second tallest building in Los Angeles and is located in the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and South Hope Street. Constructed under tight budget, the AON Center is a perfect square black building bordered by white lines. AON Corporation, the owner of the building, is also the anchor tenant, with a host of other tenants such as the State Bank of India, the Hua Nan Commercial Bank and the Krung Thai Bank. Again, this building is also another suitable location for a virtual office of a financial services company.

The Two California Plaza located at South Grand Avenue is the 3rd largest building in Los Angeles. Clad in tinted glass, this building is part of a group of buildings of the California Plaza Complex which includes the One California Plaza, the Omni Hotel Los Angeles and the Two California Plaza. This building has been awarded the BOMA Building of the year award for two years, 1997 and 2001. Offering 1.3 million sq ft worth of floor space over 52 stories, this tower incorporates the Deloitte and Touche sign at the top of the building, which is the tower’s anchor tenant. Some of the other tenants in this building include Price Waterhouse Cooper, Reliance Steel and Engineering Company, Ford and Harrison LLP and Far East National Bank. With such a variety of corporate organizations, setting up a virtual office here would be truly suitable for companies in the financial services, accounting, legal and services sectors.

Other than this remarkable commercial building, Grand Avenue is also lined with a series of other cultural buildings such as the Museum of Contemporary Art as well as the Disney Hall. In fact, retail outlets to cater to shopping activities are also available in abundance here, such as the Wells Fargo Plaza as well as the J. W. Robinson’s Department Store. Further along Grand Avenue is another commercial building known as the Gas Company Tower. This building had been used in the setting for the movie “Speed” and provides floor space of approximately 3 million sq. feet, with 28,000 feet of floor space for every floor. This building is occupied by a host of legal firms such as Morrison & Foerster and Nixon Peabody LLP, which is why having a virtual office here for legal companies, would be most suitable.

Other than being a financial district, downtown Los Angeles is also the center for a host of other activities. Chinatown spans 16 square blocks and is bordered by North Broadway, Cesar Chevaz Avenue, Bernard Street and North Hill Street, and is filled with Chinese eateries and shops. Another section in downtown Los Angeles is the Fashion District, which is bordered by the Seventh Street, Main Street, San Pedro Street and 10 Freeway. This is where discount stores and garment manufacturing companies are located with a focus on wholesale markets. Spanning 60 blocks of outlets, any clothing-related product ranges can be found in this location, including menswear, lingerie, costume jewelry and even designer products with knock-off prices. With this, the Fashion District would be most suitable for the placement of virtual offices for companies within the clothing industry.

Finally, the Entertainment District is located in the vicinity of Main, Spring and Broadway streets, in between the Third and Ninth Streets. This is where pre-1931 buildings are situated and also where the famous Broadway Theater District is located. With this, the Entertainment District would be most suitable for virtual offices of the entertainment industry bearing the worldwide recognition that Broadway has to offer.

With downtown Los Angeles segmented into various locations suited for various industries, operating a virtual office here would truly be ideal for companies who provide services for various industries. Moreover, with the focus on entertainment, Los Angeles would be highly ideal as a center for virtual offices of companies in the entertainment industry.

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