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Why would i need a virtual office in Kentucky?

The Bluegrass State – that is what the state of Kentucky is known as with its strategic location between the Midwest and the Southeast areas of the United States. With several major rivers forming the borders of this state, these rivers also provide ample irrigation which is why the state of Kentucky has traditionally been regarded as an agricultural state. Apart from that, the various natural attractions such as the Cumberland Falls, the Mammoth Cave National Park and the Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, all contribute towards the tourism industry of Kentucky.

With a total population of over 4 million (2005), much of the population in this state is spread out in the rural areas. The largest city here, Louisville, has a population of over 500,000 (2000), while the state capital of Frankfort has a population of over 27,000 (2000). The size of Kentucky’s economy stands at $129 billion, with the state’s output contributed by agricultural produce such as dairy, corn, soybeans and tobacco, as well as industrial products such as food processing, machinery production, transportation equipment manufacturing, chemical production and tourism.

As the largest city of Kentucky, the city Louisville is located at a strategic location within the continent of United States – it’s only 1 days travel time from Kentucky to 60% of the cities in the United States continent and has contributed to the city’s function as a cargo transfer port for land, sea, air and rail transportations. Louisville is connected to other cities through 3 major inter-state highways, located along the Louisville and Portland Canal, and also has rail links with other cities via the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. What’s more, Louisville is also the air hub for UPS.

All these factors help contribute to the reputation of Louisville, making this city an ideal consideration for a virtual office location. The downtown Louisville area is bounded by the Ohio River at the north, Breckinridge Street at the south, Tenth Street at the west and Clay street in the east. Main thoroughfares here include Main Street, Market Street, Mohammad Ali Boulevard and Broadway Street. Apart from that, the central business district of Louisville is essentially divided into several sectors – the West Main District, the eMain District, the Medical Center, the Fourth Street District and the Civic Center Area.

The West Main District is where many of Louisville’s attractions are located such as the Louisville Science Center, the Muhammad Ali Center and the Kentucky Center. This area is fledged by the Ohio River at the north, with major thoroughfares of Main Street and Market Street intersecting with Second through Tenth Streets. Alternatively, many of the commercial buildings are located Fourth Street District, such as the Aegon Center at South 4th Street, which is also the tallest building in Louisville standing at 549 ft. Other commercial buildings also located within its vicinity include the National City Tower, the PNC Plaza, and the Humana Building all located along South 5th Street. With this, the Fourth Street District would definitely be an ideal location for a virtual office for businesses in the finance and services industries.

Business involved in the government industry would definitely benefit from setting up a virtual office within the Government District. This area spans Fifth Street till Tenth Street, along with intersections with Chestnut Street, Muhammad Ali Boulevard and the Broadway Street.

However, if you are into the retail business and are seeking for a virtual office for your business here, you may want to consider the E-Main and the West Main districts as possible locations for a retail outlet. Here you will find antique shops, such as Towne House Antiques, Joe Ley Antiques, specialty stores such as Gisela’s Boutique and Rodes as well as stores such as Bader’s Food Mart and Muth’s Candies. Thus, these two areas would be ideal for virtual offices of retail and food businesses.

Another large city in Kentucky is the city of Lexington, which is also known as the Horse Capital of the World. With a city population of over 260,000 (2005), this forms the second largest metropolitan area together with Fayette County. Just like how its name signifies, this city is synonymous with the horse racing industry and also tourism. Downtown Lexington is a flurry of historical attractions, restaurants and retail outlets with only several significant skyscrapers such as the Lexington Financial Center and the 300 West Vine.

Major thoroughfares of this city include Main Street, Short Street, High Street and Limestone Street, all of which runs from the West to the East of the central business district, while other streets such as Broadway Street, Mill Street, Martin Luther King Boulevard run from the north to the south of the city. Much of the city’s commercial and government buildings are located along the main street area, such as the Lexington Financial Center and the Civic Center. Thus, this would be an ideal location for the setup of a virtual office for businesses in the financial and government sectors.

Shopping activities are supported by retail outlets around downtown Lexington, with many retail outlets located in locations such as the Victorian Square, located along West Main Street and the Lexington Center. These would include shops like the Old Kentucky Chocolates Candy Store and the Sporting Tradition, as well as many souvenirs, antique and jewelry stores within Lexington. Therefore, setting up a virtual office for businesses focused on this area would be ideal as well.

In conclusion, Kentucky would be an excellent location for a virtual office especially in the more populated cities of Louisville and Lexington. Major commercial buildings such as the Lexington Financial Center in Lexington and the Aegon Center in Louisville would help to land prestige to any corporation looking at to set up their offices within the state of Kentucky. With this, they can then be associated with many of the multinational organizations that have set up their offices in this state, such as, General Electric Company, Lexmark International, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Reynolds American Company and the Brown-Forman Corporation. All of these play a part in helping the business owner make the right choice for the location of his virtual office within the vast state.

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