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Why would i need a virtual office in Florida?

Located at the south-east tip of the United States, panhandle shaped Florida has long been renowned for its long sandy beaches and warm climate. With the tourism industry accounting for the major bulk of the state’s economy, Florida is home to a host of attractions including theme parks such as the Walt Disney World Resort and the Universal Orlando Resort, shopping centers and hotels. Additionally, Florida is also where the Kennedy Space Center is located, a factor that has attracted the emergence of many aerospace development companies to be based in this state.

While Jacksonville is the capital of Florida and the largest city geographically, Miami is the most populous city in Florida with a 5 million population. With the proximity to Mexico and Latin America, this city hosts the Latin American headquarters of many international companies such as Cisco, American Airlines and Sony. Apart from that, companies such as Citrix, DHL and Alienware have their headquarters in this city.

The central business district of Miami, or downtown Miami as it is locally known, is located at the eastern section of the city fronting Biscayne Bay. The commercial locations for this city are the areas surrounding South Biscayne Boulevard and Brickell Aveneue. This is why companies, especially those in the tourism and entertainment industry, should look into establishing their virtual offices should consider offices located in these areas.

One of the tallest buildings in Miami is the Wachovia Financial Center at 233 meters in height and located at South Biscayne Boulevard in the heart of downtown Miami. This towering building which was TOBY Building of the Year Award in 1990, towers above the rest and faces the breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the tenants in this building are companies like ABN Amro, Merrill Lynch and Porsche Latin America. Any company with a virtual office in this building will definitely gain recognition associated with the tenants as well as the reputation of this building.

Another major commercial buildings in Miami located in South Biscayne Boulevard are the One Biscayne Tower, voted as the building of the year by BOMA Greater Miami in 2001. Companies such as KPMG and Deutsche Bank Offshore have set up their offices in this building.

The major commercial buildings located around the area of Brickell in downtown Florida would include commercial buildings such as the Bank of America Tower at the International Place which stands at 47 storeys with 600,000 square feet of space. This commercial building houses many internationally renowned tenants such as Bank of America, McKinsey and Company and UBS Paine Webber. Apart from that, the Mellon Financial Center at Brickell Avenue is also located in the vicinity.

Located north of Miami is Fort Lauderdale, which is also known as the Venice of America. Although this city is well-known for the overflow of party, clubs and bars, with a population of over 150,000, there are also numerous commercial buildings worth mentioning. This would comprise of the 110 Tower located in SE 6th Street and the One Financial Plaza located at SE 3rd Avenue. Apart from that, the Bank of America Plaza is located at East Las Olas Boulevard, the Broward Financial Center at East Broward Boulevard and the Wachovia Center also at East Broward Boulevard.

As the major economy of Fort Lauderdale is also based heavily on tourism, with a specific focus on fishing and yachting activities, operating a virtual office here for shopping, yachting and entertainment industries would be suitable. In fact, the key location for shopping activities is Las Olas Boulevard, which has a high concentration of shopping, art galleries and restaurants.

Jacksonville is located on the north-eastern section of Florida. This capital city of approximately 700,000, is the largest city in terms of land area within the state of Florida. Apart from being a state capital, Jacksonville is also where the Marine Corp Base Camp Lejeune and the Marine Corp Air Station. Apart from that, Jacksonville is also the center of manufacturing, finance and business within Florida in addition to being regarded as the most industrialized city in this state.

Downtown Jacksonville is located in the area surrounding North Main Street and separated into two by the St. Johns River. At the downtown area north of north main bridge is the Bank of America Tower located on North Laura Street, which is the tallest building in Jacksonville, also classified as a Class A building. Apart from that, opposite the Bank of America Tower is the Modis Tower at Independent Drive, a building definitely not to be missed with its unique architecture. Two blocks away from the Bank of America Tower is the BelSouth Tower located along the West Bay Street.

The entire area would be most suitable for a virtual office setup, as it is synonymous with downtown Jacksonville. It’s proximity to the St. Johns River provides offices here with an excellent view as well as proximity to the nearby shipyards for yachting and fishing activities. This is why having an office in this location would be suitable for virtual offices of companies in naval or transportation related industries. This is as Jacksonville is connected to other areas through a few Interstate lines which makes it a railway hub as well as a crossroads of highways.

In conclusion, having a virtual office in Florida would be a great choice due to the availability of office space, proximity to Latin America and the reputation of the state as a tourism and space research location.

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