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Why would i need a virtual office in Dallas?

Dallas is located in the state of Texas and with a population of 1.3 million is regarded as the third largest city in the state after Houston and San Antonio. Together with Fort Worth and Arlington, the entire area that constitutes these three cities is designated by the US Census as the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. With Dallas as the economic center of this area, the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex is the fifth largest metropolitan area in the United States, and is home to a population of 5.1 million.

With such a renowned reputation, it is not a wonder then that Dallas is the corporate headquarters for more than 400 international companies such as Alcatel, Ericsson, Nokia and Sprint. In fact, the Dallas/Fort Worth area is considered to be largest area of corporate headquarters in the United States and is sometimes regarded as the Texas Silicon Valley. Indeed, technological infrastructure with 100 miles worth of fiber optic cable has been laid in the vicinity of central Dallas in order to adequately support the requirements of the great number of corporate companies located here.

Downtown Dallas or Central Dallas is the metropolitan area within the geographic boundaries of the Woodall Rodgers, North Central, Julius Schepps, R.L. Thornton and Stemmons freeways. This thriving area is the regional corporate headquarters for over 200 companies, such as Neiman Marcus and Lincoln Property Co. Additionally, this is also the location where a number of the largest accounting firms, law firms, stock brokerages, banks and architecture firms are based.

The Bank of America Plaza is the tallest building in Dallas and is located at the heart of Downtown Dallas at One Main Place. Standing at 921 feet and 72 stories tall, this building is the 3rd tallest building in the state of Texas and is predominantly made of glass and aluminum panels. The captivating beauty of this building is highlighted at night by the two mile long green argon tubing outlining the plaza, which allows the building to be seen even from a distance of 26 miles. The main tenant of this building is the Bank of America which had just renewed their 10-year lease in 2004. This tallest building in Dallas would be suited for virtual office tenants especially from the finance industry.

The second tallest building in downtown Dallas is the 56 floor Renaissance building at 1201 Elm Street. This 710 feet tall building is distinguished via its two large X pattern formations on each façade which had been revealed after major renovation works carried out in 1986. Apart from that, multi-colored glass replaced the original silver glazing in order for the building to project a modern image. Another significant change was the three level stepped top that was added to the top as well as five towers at the top of the penthouse. Indeed, this building had been featured in the famous Dallas series back in the 80s. Amongst the tenants occupying this building include law firms such as Goins Underkofler Crawford & Langdon and Godwin Gruber P.C. With this, the Renaissance building would be highly suitable for virtual offices of legal firms.

The Bank One Center is also located on Main Street and was constructed on one city block. The uniqueness of this building is characterized by the large rectangular base which eventually grows to become a tower shaped like a cross. Each are of the building is capped by a semi-circle top. Standing at 787 feet, this building is the third tallest building in Dallas, and is occupied primarily by Bank One as well as legal firms such as Andrews Kruth LLP, ORIX USA Corporation as well as the Dallas Bar Association. With the presence of this association, it would truly be a strategic move for legal firms to set up a virtual office at this location.

As for companies in industries such as entertainment, food and beverage and the arts, Deep Ellum located three blocks east of downtown Dallas would be the perfect virtual office location for them.  Here, you can probably find companies such as art galleries, artist and talent management companies, event production as well as a full range of supporting services. Therefore, with a virtual office located here, companies from the entertainment industry will get to identify with the reputation associated with this area.

Towards the west of downtown Dallas lies the area of Arlington, famous for baseball and football matches, in addition to being the home ground for baseball team Texas Rangers and also for the basketball team such as the NBA Dallas Mevericks. With this, Arlington would definitely be the best place for the setup of virtual offices belonging to companies focused on sporting events.

Finally, the Dallas Metropolitan Area has truly been shaped to cater to office users and business owners. This is why Dallas is such a thriving metropolis today, a factor that heightens the recognition and reputation of this city in Texas. This is also why virtual office owners should consider setting up their offices in this remarkable location.

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