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Why would i need a virtual office in Colorado?

Bordered by longitude and latitude lines, the state of Colorado is located in the mid western section of the United States. Perhaps the most attractive element of this state is the abundance of mountains and plains such as the Rocky Mountain and the Colorado Eastern Plains. This state of 7.1 million in population is driven by economic activities such as agricultural produce, milk, corn and wheat. Apart from that food processing, federal government facilities, scientific and high technology industries are also major contributors. All of these make up a total GDP of $187 billion in 2003.

Commercial activities of Colorado are mainly concentrated on the numerous major cities here, with the city of Denver being the largest city in the state. Other major cities here include Aurora and Colorado Springs, with Aurora and Denver coming together to form the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area.

Located on the plains at the east of the Rocky Mountain, the city of Denver is home to a population of 579,000 in the city center, and 2.8 million within its metropolitan area. Apart from that, Denver is also the 25th largest city in the United States and the 22nd largest metropolitan area in the country. The city’s importance in the agricultural industry has also earned it the title of the Queen City of the Plains, an element which brings much prestige to the city.

The central business district of Denver, or downtown Denver, is located at the eastern banks of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek. Denver’s downtown area consists of streets that are laid out in a grid formation, running from 14th Street to the 26th Street from the southwest to the northeast, interlaced by Wewatta Street down to Welton Street from northwest to southeast.

Most of the commercial activity within downtown Denver is concentrated in the vicinity of 17th Street, which is also nicknamed the Wall Street of the West. Many commercial buildings of banks, companies in the financial services and multinational corporations are located here. For instance, Republic Plaza which is the tallest building in Denver is located at the corner of 17th Street and the 16th Street Mall. The most outstanding features of this building are its granite exterior and the windows which are laid out in a uniformed grid with aluminum trimmings. Due to its prominence, some of the tenants of this prestigious building include UBS Financial Services, the First Bank of Denver and JP Morgan Trust Company from the financial services industry, law firms such as Arnold & Porter LLP and Morrison and Foerster, and real estate companies such as Colorado Open Lands and Brookfield Properties. Therefore, Republic Plaza would be a good virtual office location for other business also in these three industries.

Other prestigious commercial skyscrapers in this vicinity include the 1801 California Street located at the corner of 18th Street and California Street, in which the telecommunications company Qwest is headquartered. Apart from that, there is also the Wells Fargo Center located down the road at the corner of 17th Avenue and Lincoln Street. The 707 17th Street consists of both office space as well as hotel rooms of the Marriott City Center, while the 555 17th Street is renowned as being situated at the main entrance to Denver’s 17th Street.

On the retail front, the 16th Street Mall is the most prominent location for shopping and retailing activities. This pedestrian area of an entire street is complete with cafes, shops, restaurants, department stores and interlaced with several skyscrapers as well. Brand names such as Nike, Starbucks coffee and even the Cheesecake Factory are all located here. Incorporated within this stretch of the 16th Street Mall is the Denver Pavilions within which 50 units of restaurants and shops are situated. Apart from that, Tabor Center is located at Lawrence Street, also offering a host of retail outlets from restaurants to an assortment of stores. Therefore, operating a virtual office within the 16th Street Mall would be truly ideal for retail businesses.

Buildings and facilities related to the federal government such as the U.S. Mint, the Denver Art Museum, the Colorado History Museum and the Colorado State Capitol Building are all located in the area along the East Colfax Avenue to the west of Broadway Street. Thus, this entire section south of the Central Business District of Denver would be highly suited for a virtual office of corporations dealing in the historic industry.

Another highly populated city in Colorado is the city of Aurora, the third largest city in the state. With a total population of over 270,000, much of this city functions as a residential area for those working in Denver. This is why much of the economic activities here are mainly businesses catering to the needs of the local population. Apart from that, two air force bases are also located here namely the Buckley Air Force Base and the Lowry Air Force Base. Additionally, a myriad of military activities such as Mission Viejo and Fitzsimons Campus are also set up in the vicinity.

Located right at the middle of Colorado State is the city of Colorado Springs which has a population of 360,000. Located close to the Pike Peaks of the Rocky Mountain, Colorado Springs has tourism as its main economic contributor due to its proximity to attractions such as Cave of the Winds, the Garden of the Gods and the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. In fact, with other prominent attractions such as the Flying W Ranch and the Citadel Mall, this city attracts more than 6 million visitors yearly.

The tallest building in downtown Colorado Springs is the Wells Fargo Tower located at the Palmer Center. One of its more prominent attributes is the building’s interior which is made of multi-colored granite flooring and marble. Other than that, the rest of the buildings in the city include Colorado Square, the Holly Sugar Building, which is the headquarters of the Imperial Sugar Company, and Pikes Peak Towers. Major streets in downtown Colorado Springs comprise of Tejon Street and Cascade Avenue.

Many retail stores and restaurants are found along these two major roads, such as the Old Chicago Restaurant, the Phantom Canyon Brewery, The French Store and Bijou Gardens, all of which are along Cascade Avenue. Similarly, the Coffee and Bean Zone, Art Hardware and Downtown Pottery are all located along Tejon Street. Thus, having a virtual office here for retail, tourism or food businesses would be highly ideal here.
In conclusion, the suitability of setting up a virtual office in Colorado really depends on the specific city that you are considering. If you are launching a finance and services business, then Denver would be the ideal choice for a virtual office in Colorado.

On the other hand, with the influx of tourists to Colorado Springs, this location would be ideal for a virtual office setup of a business in the tourism industry.

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