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Why would i need a virtual office in Atlanta?

The city of Atlanta was originally named as Standing Peachtree by the native tribal Indians. As the largest city as well as the capital of the state of Georgia, Atlanta is the ninth largest city in the United States with a population of more than 4 million people. Apart from that, Atlanta is one of the cities which have experienced a rapid growth in human population, commercial development as well as expansion in the metropolitan area.

Also known as the Phoenix City, the original inhabitants of Atlanta consisted of Cherokee and Creek Indians. Apart from that, Atlanta has always been regarded as a regional centre for commerce with a high concentration of regional corporate organizations located in this city. In fact, Atlanta is the birthplace of Coca-Cola, one of the largest and most well-known brand names in the world.

Downtown Atlanta is classified as the area roughly bordered by Boulevard NE, the Ralph David Abernathy Freeway, Northside Drive and North Avenue. Key streets within this area include the Martin Luther King Boulevard and Peachtree Street. Most of the high-rise commercial buildings are located around Peachtree Street or its surrounding streets.

The tallest building in Atlanta is the Bank of America plaza bordered by Peachtree Street. Towering at 1023 ft, this building is also the tallest building within the southern states in the United States. Apart from that, this art deco building has been built at 45 degree angles towards the streets below in order to maximize the view from the building with this unique architecture design. This building provides 1.5 million sq feet of office space and is operated by the Bank of America.

The second tallest building in Atlanta is the SunTrust Plaza, standing at 871 ft with 60 floors and is bordered also by Peachtree Street. The uniqueness of this building is characterized by the unique sculptures at the top of the building. Amongst the prominent tenants of this building are KPMG, Dow Jones and Company, Portman Holdings and SunTrust Banks. As the majority of tenants within this building are from the financial or legal industries, virtual offices for companies operating within these industries would indeed be a plus point. Moreover, the presence of the World Trade Center and Conference Center of Atlanta within this building, also contributes to the reputation of the building and its tenants.

Located at 14th Street NE, is the One Atlantic Center which had been modeled after the Tribune Tower in Chicago. Also located in downtown Atlanta, the One Atlantic Center which was once named as the IBM Tower has been built with Spanish Granite on the exterior and incorporates gothic flourishes. Many of the tenants in One Atlantic Center include financial and legal corporations such as Alston & Bird LLP and Powell Goldstein LLP. Therefore, this tower would be a perfect virtual office location for companies in the legal industry.

The 191 Peachtree Tower is a set of twin towers, standing at 770 ft and donned with rooftop crown structures with the exterior made from Rosa Dante granite and gray tinted glass. With 1.2 million sq ft of office space, this building is also mostly occupied by tenants in the legal industry such as Carter & Ansley, Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Martin and King & Spalding.

The next tallest building is the Georgia Pacific Tower located Ellis Street NE and bordered also by Peachtree Street SE, offering 52 stories of office space and is clad with a stair type design. This building serves at the headquarters of the pulp and paper company Georgia Pacific, which is the second largest paper and pulp company in the world.

Perhaps one of the most prominent features of Atlanta is the existence of Underground Atlanta, spanning 12 acres and 6 blocks filled with retail, entertainment and dining spaces. Most of the shops here are specialty stores of every type here. With this, having a virtual office in this area would be suitable for businesses in the retail industry.

In the midst of downtown Atlanta are also many consulate and trade offices such as the Department of the Metro Atlanta Chamber, the U.S. Export Assistance Center and the World Trade Center Atlanta. Being one of the top destinations for conventions, with 3.5 million delegates each year, this factor contributes to the recognition of Atlanta as a center of business. In conclusion, with all the ready facilities as well as adequate floor space for conventions, including recognition as a center of commerce within Georgia as well as for southern states in America, operating a virtual office in Atlanta would be of strategic significance.

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