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A southern state in the United States, Arkansas is home to 2.6 million people and is the only state in the country where diamonds can be naturally found at the Crater Diamonds of State Park in Murfreesboro. Apart from that, this state consists of a landscape of mountains and valleys, with which great rivers such as the Mississippi Rivers flow through. With a GDP of $76 billion, main contributors to this state’s economy include agriculture produce such as dairy-related products, soybeans, rice and cotton. Additionally, other prominent industries here include food processing, equipment manufacturing, machinery production and processing of bromine and vanadium. With the beautiful natural surroundings of Arkansas, tourism is also an important economic contributor to the state.

Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas and also the largest city here. With a population of 180,000 people, this city is named after a rock formation located at the southern bank of the Arkansas River. Together with North Little Rock, this metropolitan area consists of a population of over 700,000. Major economic activities that are prominent here include the medical, service and manufacturing industries.

Downtown Little Rock is bounded by the Arkansas River at the north, Main Street at the east, 7th Street at the south and Broadway Street at the west. Main streets in this city include Markham Street, Capitol Avenue, Louisiana Street and Scott Street. Additionally, downtown Little Rock is connected to North Little Rock through Broadway Street and Main Street Bridge.

The main commercial area is located along West Capitol Avenue, with the tallest skyscrapers in the city such as the Metropolitan Tower, the Regions Center and the Bank of America Plaza all located along this road. Metropolitan Tower, the tallest building in Little Rock stands at 546 ft and with a total of 40 floors. The main tenant in this tower is the Metropolitan National Bank with other tenants including attorneys Kutak Rock LLP and Arkansas Tax Attorney. Thus, anyone who has plans to jumpstart a commercial virtual office should consider West Capitol Avenue as the most prospective location.

Much of the government buildings are located along Markham Street, such as the City Hall, the Old Statehouse, the Pulaski Co. courthouse and the Chamber of Commerce. Down the road from Markham Street is the President Clinton Avenue, which is lined with landmark buildings such as the River Market and the Museum Center. The River Market is one of the most renowned locations in town and includes numerous retail outlets such as a farmer’s market, shops, restaurants and bars. Thus, this would be a good place in Little Rock to set up a virtual office for a retail business. In fact, Expansion Magazine has named this city as one of the 50 hottest cities suited for business setups.

In the bid to spur the economy, various industrial areas have been set up at the outskirts of Little Rock. These would include areas such as the Little Rock Port Industrial Park. Much facilities and infrastructure have been set up in this 1525 acre area, including access roads, rail road as well as the Customs Port of Entry office and the Foreign Trade Zone. This entire area is bounded by the Interstate 440 and includes major roads such as Thibault Road, Lindsey Road and Frazier Pike. Companies which have set up their manufacturing facilities here are O’Neal Steel, AAA Cooper Transportation and George Fisher, Inc.

The second largest city in Arkansas is Fort Smith, a quaintly town with a feel of the Old West still retained through its variety of buildings, museums and exhibitions that help project a southern atmosphere. This city of approximately 80,000 people is located at the junction of Arkansas and Poteau Rivers. Downtown Fort Smith is designated as the area stretching from 2nd to 14th Street from Northwest to Southeast, and Garland Street to H Street from Southwest to Northeast. Major streets in this area include the Garland, Parker, Rogers and Garrison Streets. This is where major economic activity of the city is located. Government buildings and places of attraction such as the Commissary Storehouse, the Fort Smith National Historic Site and the Fort Smith Museum of History are all located along Parker and Rogers Streets.

Major commercial developments that have taken place in this area recently include expansions to the Fort Smith Convention Center and the Riverfront Development. The Fort Smith Convention Center is situated along Parker Street while the Riverfront Development, includes a marina and a marketplace, both which are currently under work in progress.

Most of the retail stores and commercial activity within Fort Smith are concentrated along Garrison Street. Some of the stores here include women’s boutiques, designer stores, bookstores, and beauty salons. Apart from that, dining and entertainment outlets are also located along Garrison Street with outlets such as 503 Oyster Bar, Area 51 Night Club and Taliano’s Restaurant.

However, the area stretching from 5th Street to 8th Street is designated as the Belle Grove Historic District, where prominent landmarks such as the Fort Smith Art Center, the Clayton House and the Darby House are located. This 22 square block area is listed within the National Register of Historic Places.

With this, Fort Smith is a possible venue for a virtual office especially for businesses in the tourism and retail industries. This is due to the many tourist attractions and the abundance in local amenities, both of which has opened up opportunities for businesses to flourish in this town.

Another prominent city within Arkansas is Fayetteville, located at the northern part of the state with a population of 58,000. With its proximity to the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville is regarded as a college town with facilities mainly to serve the university population. Therefore, many retail outlets, restaurants, boutiques and stores are located along Dickson Street such as the Restaurant Fayetteville and the Dickson Street Bookstore. Ultimately, Fayetteville would be a great city for a virtual office of businesses in the education industry.

In conclusion, major cities such as Little Rock, Fort Smith and Fayetteville offer a wealth of business opportunity to businesses. Thus, virtual offices set up in any of these cities would benefit from the economic activities specific to the area.

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