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Why would i need a virtual office in Alaska?

The state of Alaska is located at the north-west corner of the American continent and is the 49th state of the United States. By area, Alaska is the largest state in the United States, although not densely populated with a total population of just over 600,000, according to a year 2000 census. 65% of the land area within this state is designated as national parks, forests or wildlife refugees. With the proximity of this state to the Arctic and the fact that Alaska is filled with rivers, glaciers and bordered by oceans that form a 34,000 miles of tidal shoreline, it is not a surprise that the major economic contributor to this state is seafood exports. Another prominent industry here is the agricultural production of products such as dairy products or vegetables. However, the mining of natural resources such as coal, gold, metals as well as petroleum and natural gas extraction are also major activities in Alaska.

Human population density is largely confined to Southern Central Alaska, with the city of Anchorage and other smaller towns all located within this area. Other than that, South East Alaska is populated with clusters of small towns located at the Alaska panhandle, with fishing and forestry being major activities here. Also, the Alaskan Bush area is mainly populated by natives while the interior of Alaska is mainly filled with rivers and tundra lands.

The city of Juneau functions as the capital city of Alaska, and its unique location at the Gastineau Channel on the Alaska Panhandle makes it only accessible by sea or air. With a population of only 30,000, Juneau has the third largest population amongst all cities in Alaska. With its low accessibility, the plan for a link road between Juneau to Skagway is currently in being analyzed under the Juneau Access Project. At the present time, Juneau is accessible by air through the Juneau International Airport and by sea through Jeneau’s central port.

Downtown Juneau comprises of a few major streets along which major buildings are located. Egan Drive is located along the coast of Juneau. This road passes through Aurora Basin and Harris Harbor, which is a public harbor. Cutting through across the city is the Marine Way, cutting through Cold Creek and Cope Park. The Main Street of Juneau is where the City Museum is located, while the State Capitol is nearby along Seward Street. Almost parallel to the Main Street is Franklin Street is where the Juneau Art Gallery is situated. There are two prominent shopping malls in Juneau, namely Costco and Fred Meyers, with Fred Meyers located at the Old Glacier Highway.

Another important city in Alaska is the city of Anchorage, which is the largest city in the state. With a population of over 260,000, Anchorage is also called The City of Lights and Flowers or even the Air Crossroads of the World. With 2/3 of the Alaskan population residing in Anchorage and its function as a major port, Anchorage operates as a major commercial center for Alaska. In fact, 95% of the state imports go through the Anchorage port. With this, important industries that support the economy of Anchorage include the oil and gas industry, telecommunications, tourism, finance and services. Some of the prominent corporations that have set up their offices here include BP Exploration, Alaska Communications Systems and Exxon Mobil.

Downtown Anchorage, the city’s central business district, is a combination of city streets, parks, business and entertainment establishments, while in its vicinity lie areas of interest such as skiing and bike trails. This unique city lies in a peninsula flanked by Knik Arm and Turnagain Arm, both of which are parts of the Cook Inlet. Thus, downtown Anchorage is located at the northern shore of this peninsula, facing Knik Arm. The downtown area designated as the area bounded by 1st Avenue at the north, 10th Avenue at the south, L Street and Gambell Street at the west and east respectively.
In terms of commercial activity, the area between C Street and H Street, from 3rd Avenue to 6th Avenue is where many of the city’s retail centers, tourist attractions and commercial businesses are situated. For instance, the First National Bank of Alaska is located at 646 W. 4th Avenue, with many other branches located along other streets such as Gambell Street and W. 7th Avenue. Apart from that, the Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall and the Ship Creek Center are also located in the vicinity. For instance, corporations such as KPMG Peat Marwick is located at W Eighth Avenue, while Merrill Lynch is located in C Street and legal firms such as Hartig Rhodes Hoge & Lekisch are located at K Street.

Downtown Anchorage is also renowned for cultural activities. With this, there are ample facilities for arts and culture activities such as the 4th Avenue Theatre and the Alaska Center of Performing Arts located at 6th Avenue. Other prominent buildings in the vicinity include the Historic City Hall at E Street, the Alaska State Trooper Museum at 6th Avenue and the Anchorage Museum of History and Art also at 6th Avenue. Other than being a heritage, these places of interest also serve as good tourist attractions, working to boost the tourism industry in Anchorage.

The tallest building in Anchorage is the Conoco-Phillips building standing at 296 ft tall and located at 700 G Street in the central business district. Another skyscraper in the central business district is the Robert B. Atwood building located at F Street, with offices such as the General Services Administration Inventory of Leased and Owned Properties also located here.

All in all Anchorage is one of the key areas that would be highly suitable as a base for a virtual office in Alaska. With the recognition it gets as the largest city in this state, launching a virtual office here would certainly give any company the association with the rich economic activities of this state. Thus, businesses that would benefit by launching a virtual office here include those from the oil and gas, mining, financial services, tourism, shopping and fishing industries. Indeed, support services for virtual offices are already available in Anchorage with the purpose of further facilitating business growth in Alaska.

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