Hong Kong Virtual Office & Office Space (Part 2)


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Hong Kong Virtual Office & Office Space Part B

Other skyscrapers located along Queen’s Road Central include the Hopewell Centre, the Standard Chartered Building, 9 Queen’s Road Central, the Cosco Tower, the Edinburgh Tower and the New World Tower One. Many of the organizations that have set up their offices in these buildings include the Federation of the Swiss Watches Industry, the Honorary Consulate of Iceland, the Honorary Consulate of Croatia and the Hong Kong Registrars Limited. Therefore, the Hopewell Centre would be a suitable location for an office space or a virtual offices of corporations providing business services to these organizations.

Standing at 748 ft with 53 floors of office space is the Cosco Tower, with most tenants here involved in the financial services industry. These would include stock exchange brokerages such as Concord Capital Securities Ltd., Core Pacific-Yamaichi Securities (H.K.) Ltd and Rexcapital Futures Ltd. Apart from that, the core tenant COSCO Insurance Brokers Ltd has its office located at Room 4701. With such high profile tenants, the COSCO building is a truly ideal venue for a virtual office of security brokerage businesses or other types of financial services corporations.

Another major commercial building within Hong Kong is the International Finance Center, consisting of two towers out of which the Two International Finance Center is the tallest building in Hong Kong. These beautiful buildings are utilized for office space as well as hotel rooms, with the Four Seasons Hotel occupying 40 storeys of IFC Two, and the IFC mall occupying 4 storeys of the lower floors. Built specifically to attract businesses within the financial sector, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority occupies the top floors of the building, while other multinationals such as Ernst and Young, UBS AG and the Lehman Brothers occupy other floors within the building. Thus, with such recognized firms setting up offices here, it would indeed entice other companies to set up a virtual office at this location. With the latest building facilities, such as raised flooring for the trading floors, office space without any columns to facilitate easy planning, as well as a fiber-optic backbone, the International Financial Center has most of what is required to facilitate smooth business operations for any organization.

The second tallest building in Hong Kong is the Central Plaza which is located in the area of Wan Chai at 18 Harbour Road, which used to be the tallest building in Hong Kong before the Two International Financial Center was completed. One of the most prominent features of the 1227 feet plaza is the triangular-shaped floor plans. Apart from that, a church occupies the tallest floor of this building, which is the world’s highest church. Some of the international tenants of this building include Chevron Caltex, Sun Microsystems, Associated Press, Far Eastern Economic Review and Exxon Mobil.

The Center is the fourth tallest commercial structure in Hong Kong and is located along Queen’s Road Central within the Central financial district. One of the most prominent features of this building is the arrangement of neon lights from the bottom of the building, increasing in density as it reaches the top. This 80 storey skyscraper is now approximately 70% populated by around 40 technology firms, such as iLink and Netalone. In fact, one of the highlights of this building is the higher raised floors of 360 mm as compared to the standard 150mm. This is to facilitate the laying of fiber optic cables as well as to allow room for upgrades over the next 20 years. With this, the Center would ideally be suitable for virtual offices of technology or dot com companies. Indeed many of the existing firms here consist of incubators or service providers with objectives to facilitate the growth of newer tech companies operating in Hong Kong.

Other than the business district, many government agencies in Hong Kong are still situated at the Government Hill, which serves as the residence of the central governor as well as numerous other government administration departments. With this, businesses with activities that mainly deal with the local government should set up their practices at this location.

In conclusion, with its historical roots as a financial center, Hong Kong is equipped with facilities that would make it ideal location for a virtual officeor an office space. With the many regional offices of multinational firms situated here, doing the same with a virtual office within Hong Kong would place any corporation in the vicinity of its international counterparts. This will help to extend the reputation of the virtual office to this region.

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